Loggin In Problems Help

Most problems with the attendee zone happens with a small number of people who have disabled cookies on their browser or are using company computers which have cookies turned off.
Below are some suggestions to solve this problem.

Some people have found that saving the site as a "trusted" website solves this problem.
To do this in Internet Explorer
go to tools menu,
select Internet Explorer Options, then select Security Tab
Click on Trusted Sites then press on sites,
type http://leaf.arena-international.com/ into the textbox and click on Add, Press Ok, and Press Ok again.
retype in http://leaf.arena-international.com/ in the address bar in internet explorer.

When you go to http://leaf.arena-international.com/ , do you see a message asking you to do a cookie test,
if that is the case, then please click on the cookie test button to check that your settings allow for cookies to be accepted, follow the instructions.

Also, there is a known bug in certain versions of internet explorer that prevents some sites using cookies.
So updating your internet explorer may also fix this problem.
If the problem still persists, you can try firefox which is a free internet browser program on the internet.
The address for the firefox browser is http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

Another Suggestion is to try using the website on your home pc if you have one or use a computer that is outside the companyís network,
often itís the company network that is part of the problem.

These ideas fix the problem for most users.
If you are still getting errors please get back in touch with Oihana Almandoz and we will work out an alternative solution for you